About Us

Welcome to Life of Nomads! We’re Sana and Adnan, a full-time travel couple on a World Adventure! We left home in late 2018 to escape the New York City winters and forever chase the sun. We packed four years of our life together into two backpacks and a carry-on and hit the road!

Our Story

When we got married, we knew we craved more from life. Normal never seemed to work for us. Being a wedding planner at the time, Sana was desperate not to have a traditional wedding so we decided to take our friends and family to Mexico to celebrate our love! We got married at Hard Rock Hotel Riviera Maya. Our friends and family came for about 4 days. The best part about destination weddings is how close friends and family get over the sense of adventure. Something that you just can’t get at a traditional wedding. That’s when we knew we wanted to be a travel couple.

Our Reception at Hard Rock Hotel Riviera Maya

We realized annual vacations weren’t enough to fulfill our inner wanderlust, so we left our apartment in NYC, sold all of our stuff, and hit the road to explore the unknown. We’re officially Digital Nomads!

Our “Why”

It’s funny, before we met we both thought we would NEVER get married….. fast forward one wedding, three years, and a dog later, and we couldn’t be happier! But a strange thing started happening in 2018, everyone we knew started buying houses and having kids (we’ve heard it’s called adulting). Fun Fact: we were actually very close to buying a house ourselves in New Jersey (luckily, the owners rejected our offer)!

We knew we wanted a change, but we also knew we weren’t ready to start a family or make a huge investment like buying a house. We felt like we still had so much to learn about ourselves before we were ready for that much change. That got us thinking about our dating days, when we joked about packing our bags and taking off for parts unknown. To this day we don’t know who said “let’s really do this”, we just know it was a beautiful summer night in July when we decided we were not going to renew our lease when it was up at the end of October. Fast forward to mid-October…. we’re sitting in a completely empty apartment with just an air mattress and our laptops and we couldn’t be happier. We traded in our briefcases for backpacks to travel the world!

Our Goals

As a travel couple, we vowed to ourselves that we would make every minute of every day of this amazing journey count. So we set some personal goals to remind us of how far we’ve come, and how much further we have to go.

Sana’s Goals

  • Live life less planned, and welcome the unknown
  • Enjoy the moments, in the moment
  • Learn how to build and manage a website
  • Get comfortable in front of a camera and create memories
  • Try new foods… even if they aren’t spicy
  • Never wear closed-toe shoes again!

Adnan’s Goals

  • Stress less, smile more 🙂
  • Learn how to use a DSLR camera (not in auto!)
  • Talk to strangers
  • Eat more dessert (I accomplished this one well before nomad life)
  • Never carry a briefcase again!

Thanks for following our journey. We can’t wait to explore the world with you!

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